mRNA and Synthesis-Based Therapeutic Proteins: A Non-Recombinant Affordable Option


Abstract: Recombinant technology has been around for nearly three quarters of a century and has revolutionized protein therapy.

However, the cost of developing recombinant therapeutic proteins and the manufacturing infrastructure keeps their cost unaffordable for most patients. Proteins are produced in the body via messenger RNA (mRNA) translation.

This process can be readily replicated through administering a chemical nucleic acid product to manufacture the same protein recombinantly. The progress made in creating these proteins ex vivo in a cell-free system also offers a lower-cost option to produce therapeutic proteins.

This article compares these alternative methods for recombinant protein production, assessing their respective advantages and limitations. While developers and regulatory agencies may encounter significant challenges in navigating product approval, including many unresolved intellectual property issues, these technologies are now proven and offer the most logical solution to making therapeutic proteins accessible to most patients.

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