Ugandan earns global entrepreneurship award

Dr Matthias Magoola, the founder and chief executive officer of Dei Group of Companies, has been recognised for his entrepreneurship.

The recognition and the subsequent award to Magoola, took place during the 10th International Excellence and Global Leadership Award by the Fame Times International Excellence Awards in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, recently.

According to the award testimonial, Magoola is creating thousands of professional jobs, in addition to being an advanced therapeutics researcher and innovator.

In recognition of the outstanding professional and humanity-empowering milestones, Magoola was awarded a professional doctorate in management by the European International University of France at the same event.

Magooba is establishing a facility to manufacture mRNA, gene therapy and other novel biological therapies.

The project is being set up in Matugga, Wakiso district, at a total cost of $1.1b (about shillings 4.3 trillion).

Magoola, a trained biochemist, has led the Dei Group over the years to birth a portfolio of sub-companies across diverse sectors, including the current development of the flagship biological drugs and vaccines manufacturing facility in Matugga, Wakiso District, in Uganda, being spearheaded by Dei Biopharma Ltd.

Magoola, recognised for innovative discoveries in advanced therapies, described his doctorate and the publications as critical milestones in the fight against several incurable diseases, including neurodegenerative disorders, HIV/Aids, HPV and cancers.

The doctor is recognised for his visionary success and achievements for innovative discoveries in advanced therapies, including the first US-patented chemical drug using N-Isobutyll-3, 4-metheylenedioxy-trans-cinnamide compositions to treat malaria, the first mRNA universal vaccine against malaria, among other mRNA vaccines against neurodegenerative disorders, diabetes, HIV/HPV (“mNRA-Based Vaccine Composition for Inducing Immune Response Against HIV and HPV” patented under certificate number 63921929 in the USA and ten more for untreatable diseases — all inventions patented in the USA.

Besides his scientific research, Magoola is sharing his work with his papers in scientific journals; a few examples of these peer-reviewed articles include: “Synergistic Approaches in Neurodegenerative Therapeutics: Multi-Target Drug Innovative Interventions for Alzheimer’s Disease,” “Advances in Escherichia coli-Based Therapeutic Protein Expression: Mammalian Conversion, Continuous Manufacturing, and Cell-Free Production” and “mRNA and Synthesis-Based Therapeutic Proteins: A Non-Recombinant Affordable Option”.

He described his doctorate and the publications as critical milestones in the fight against several incurable diseases, including neurodegenerative disorders, HIV/AIDS, HPV and cancers.

“We have found the most innovative new ways to treat neurodegenerative disorders for the first time,” he said.

Magoola said publications and innovative, cutting-edge discoveries to treat different rare diseases are giving a positive image to Ugandan researchers and authors in a world of scientists and researchers.

He thanked President Yoweri Museveni for his unwavering support to Ugandan scientists and, particularly, the Dei Biopharma drugs and vaccines manufacturing project.

“Without his dedicated support, we would not be achieving these milestones and it is fair that we must thank and credit him for these achievements,” Magoola said.


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