Dei Technologies

Dei Technologies was founded in 2014. And over the years, it has grown into a tech powerhouse with products across multiple genres; e-commerce, fintech, social media, education, communication and infrastructure.

Dei Technologies has two branches, in Kampala, Uganda and Nevada, USA.

We operate in multiple emerging markets where our partners are growing their networks using our solutions.

Dei Technologies is improving the tech image of local innovators, providing access to markets dominated by international tech providers.

Our tech products


A cloud service solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) seeking affordable and secure data storage and application services.


Our mission is to deliver unfettered feedback to school administrators, better educational experience to students and value for money to parents


The App enables you to cross network purchases and money transactions. You can send and receive mobile money from all networks.

Dei Places is a social networking platform geared towards promoting Africa’s tourism potential. Focusing on pictures,videos together with words about locations shared on the social media site, Dei Places is the new trip advisor that will help you discover more adventure in a fun way as designed by a team of dedicated Uganda, America and China developers.

Others are Dei Foods and DeiAcademia. Coming soon are Dei Music and DeiOs, among others.

More Services

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