Dei Bio-Pharma International is an emerging company whose focus is to apply biotechnology to solve the health challenges of humanity through creation of novel drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics.

Our Mission Statement – “To discover, research & develop pathogen therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics”

We dream of establishing Dei Bio-Pharma International as the leading Biopharma in  Africa.

The 2005 report by the UN working group on biotechnology projected that the global biotechnology industry would be worth a staggering US$15 trillion by 2015. The BioPharmas (aka MedBiotechs)—which are the pharmaceutical appliers of biotechnology for drug, vaccines and diagnostic R & D, have long been predicted to be the major stake-holders in this Capital-Market.

The research and development (R & D) focus of majority Western funded start-up Biopharmas has , however, customary been and remains chronic lifestyle diseases—leaving behind a largely underrepresented or unaddressed burden of infectious and neglected tropical diseases. For example, highly infectious pathogens such as Ebola and Marburg thatb are common in equatorial Africa yet also have the potential to be used as pathogens of bioterror (class A), still lack cheap, easy to use and rapid diagnostics required to detect at the point-of –care. Chronic viral infectious diseases like genital herpes, and cervical cancer—remain also poorly addressed.

Further more, despite enormous investments world-over to tackle the burden of the ‘big’ three leading causes of human morbidity and mortality within low and middle income countries of sub-Saharan Africa (namely HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB), and Malaria), their burden remains. All these challenges demand novel tactics to control and or eradicate.

The mission of Dei Bio-Pharma International, is to interactively engage, innovate-around and thus meet (to unprecedented satisfactory levels) the prevailing need for a novel and superior armory of drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics against this cluster of still poorly addressed infectious pathogens and neglected tropical diseases.

We are strategically located within the region most affected by the above problems, namely sub-Saharan Africa.

Lastly, the future of global health calls for unexplored approaches, and thats why we mainatin our presence in revolutionary, cutting edge innovations for tommorrow.